The Ultimate Guide to Pool Aid for Disabled Persons by Cannon Aid

Nov 29, 2023


Welcome to Cannon Aid, your one-stop solution for billiards and pool cueing aids specifically designed for disabled persons. We are dedicated to enhancing accessibility and inclusivity within the world of billiards. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of pool aid for disabled individuals and showcase the innovative solutions we offer to support their enjoyment of this classic game.

The Benefits of Pool Aid for Disabled Persons

Playing billiards and pool is not only a fun recreational activity but also provides numerous physical and cognitive benefits. For disabled individuals, these benefits can be even more significant as they encourage improved coordination, concentration, and social interaction. However, without proper aid, some obstacles may hinder their participation in this enjoyable pastime.

That's where Cannon Aid steps in. We understand the unique challenges faced by disabled individuals who wish to play billiards, and we have developed a range of pool cueing aids specifically designed to overcome these hurdles, enabling them to fully engage in the game.

Introducing Our Pool Aid Solutions

At Cannon Aid, we offer a diverse selection of pool cueing aids that cater to individual needs and abilities. Our products are engineered with the latest technology and ergonomic designs to ensure maximum accessibility, functionality, and comfort. Let's explore some of our most popular pool aid solutions:

1. Adjustable Cue Extenders

Our adjustable cue extenders are perfect for individuals with limited reach or mobility. These extenders can be easily attached to any standard cue, allowing players to comfortably extend their reach and aim without compromising stability. With our cue extenders, disabled persons can maintain optimal control and achieve precise shots.

2. Cue Chalk Holders

Cue chalk holders are essential accessories for any billiards player. For disabled individuals, our innovative cue chalk holders offer a unique solution to ensure easy access to chalk without requiring excessive gripping or hand dexterity. Our holders securely hold the chalk, making it readily available for quick and convenient application.

3. Bridge Sticks

When the cue ball is out of reach, a bridge stick becomes indispensable. Our bridge sticks are designed with adjustable lengths and stable support, allowing disabled individuals to comfortably position the cue for effective shots. With the assistance of our bridge sticks, players can overcome the challenges of distant shots and enjoy the game to its fullest.

4. Wheelchair-Friendly Pool Tables

For wheelchair users, finding suitable pool tables can be a challenge. Cannon Aid offers customized pool tables designed specifically to accommodate wheelchairs. These tables feature lowered height and accessible pockets, giving disabled individuals the freedom to engage in the game with ease and confidence.

Inclusivity at the Core

At Cannon Aid, we firmly believe in promoting inclusivity within the world of billiards. We strive to empower disabled individuals by providing them with the tools they need to enjoy the game without limitations. Our innovative pool aid solutions are designed to enhance independence, boost confidence, and foster social engagement.


Cannon Aid is dedicated to revolutionizing the billiards experience for disabled individuals. Our pool cueing aids offer a holistic solution to overcome accessibility challenges, empowering disabled persons to participate in this exciting game with confidence and enjoyment. Explore our range of pool aid solutions at and embark on a journey of inclusivity and fun.