Case Studies

Sep 27, 2020

Welcome to the Case Studies page of Bio-One Atlanta, your trusted partner in the Business and Consumer Services - Cleaning industry. Here, we showcase our success stories, highlighting the exceptional cleaning solutions we provide to our clients. Through our detailed case studies, you'll gain valuable insights into our expertise, dedication, and the positive impact we have had on our clients' situations.

Case Study 1: Residential Post-Construction Cleanup

Client: Johnson Residence

Problem: The Johnson family recently completed a home renovation project, leaving behind a messy and cluttered living space. They needed professional assistance to thoroughly clean and restore their home.

Solution: Bio-One Atlanta stepped in to provide comprehensive post-construction cleanup services. Our highly trained and equipped team efficiently removed construction debris, dust, and any other residues, ensuring a safe and clean environment for the Johnson family.

Results: The Johnson Residence was transformed into a pristine living space, surpassing the family's expectations. They were thrilled with the attention to detail and the professional approach of our team. The successful outcome of this case study showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Case Study 2: Biohazard Remediation at a Commercial Property

Client: XYZ Corporation

Problem: XYZ Corporation faced a biohazardous situation within their office facility, creating potential health risks for their employees and visitors. They needed immediate and specialized biohazard remediation services.

Solution: Bio-One Atlanta swiftly responded to the emergency and initiated a thorough biohazard cleanup process. Our certified technicians followed industry best practices, utilizing advanced equipment for the safe removal and disposal of biological contaminants.

Results: The biohazardous situation at the XYZ Corporation office was successfully resolved, ensuring a safe environment for everyone. Our prompt response, efficient procedures, and attention to detail ensured minimal disruption to their business operations, earning us their trust and satisfaction.

Case Study 3: Hoarding Cleanup Assistance

Client: Smith Family

Problem: The Smith family was struggling with hoarding, which resulted in an unsafe and unsanitary living condition. They needed compassionate hoarding cleanup assistance to help them regain control of their home.

Solution: Understanding the sensitivity of the situation, Bio-One Atlanta provided discreet and compassionate hoarding cleanup services. Our team worked closely with the Smith family, ensuring their comfort and respecting their belongings throughout the process.

Results: The Smith family saw a remarkable transformation of their living space, free from clutter and hazards. Our empathetic approach, combined with our cleaning expertise, helped them overcome the challenges and improve their quality of life.

Case Study 4: Trauma Scene Remediation

Client: Johnson County Police Department

Problem: The Johnson County Police Department required professional assistance in cleaning and restoring trauma scenes while respecting the legal protocols and maintaining confidentiality.

Solution: Bio-One Atlanta's highly trained and experienced team utilized industry-leading techniques and specialized equipment to provide prompt and discreet trauma scene remediation services.

Results: Our efficient and sensitive approach helped the Johnson County Police Department in maintaining the integrity of the trauma scenes, ensuring the safety of all involved while preserving the confidentiality of the victims.

Case Study 5: Odor Neutralization and Decontamination

Client: ABC Restaurant

Problem: ABC Restaurant faced persistent odor issues and the need for thorough decontamination due to food spills and unsanitary conditions. They required a solution that would eliminate odors while ensuring a clean and safe environment for customers.

Solution: Bio-One Atlanta applied advanced odor neutralization techniques and utilized professional-grade cleaning agents to neutralize stubborn odors and decontaminate the restaurant premises.

Results: The persistent odors were effectively eliminated, and the restaurant environment was thoroughly sanitized, meeting health and safety regulations. ABC Restaurant experienced improved customer satisfaction and a boost in their overall reputation.


These case studies provide a glimpse into the comprehensive cleaning solutions offered by Bio-One Atlanta. As a trusted business in the Business and Consumer Services - Cleaning industry, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail, and deep understanding of diverse cleaning needs make us the preferred choice for individuals and businesses looking for reliable cleaning services.

Contact Bio-One Atlanta today to discuss your cleaning requirements or to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your goals. We are ready to exceed your expectations and provide you with personalized solutions that ensure a clean and safe environment.